Personal calendar based on your natal chart

For those who want to know their future
We’ve developed this calendar for you to be, as they say, ‘forewarned and forearmed”. Moreover, you will find practical guidance inside to get through the most challenging days possible, as every day has its ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s.’
Take advantage of your best periods.
Astromix team

This calendar will help you plan

Choose best days for unforgettable dates
What days have the best sex energy
Love life
Best time to invest and to make major purchases
Risky days for financial activities
Perfect days to dye hair and get a new haircut
When to do your manicure and pedicure
How and when to ask for a rise
Best day to apply for a new job
Social life
Best days to go out or to meet your friends and family
Perfect timing to meet new people
Choose perfect days for doctor appointments
Best time to break your habits

Take a look

Your personalized everyday calendar reveals the best and worst days depending on celestial bodies, moon phases, transits, and their movement in your chart. You can use these days to help you achieve your goals in love, success, and more. Your own calendar is entirely unique and will never be similar to others.
You’ll find everyday guidance and tips on every life sphere to make everything easier. And, of course, you’ll find out what to avoid.

The calendar will always be at hand, and you will find it in your personal account.

You also get free access to your account

Personalized everyday forecasts - know what to expect

All readings and horoscope in one place - easy to find

Create accounts for your friends and family members

Learn to plan your everyday life with tips and guidance

Unique coupons, news, and discounts
This is how the daily forecast looks like in your personal Astromix account:

What do you get?

Personalized month calendar, planning, and guidance

GIFT- Everyday forecasts on every life sphere

Your free user account with discounts and news

More than 20 000 clients who already started planning their life

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Many things turned out to be true, and now that I know myself better, I can build a more harmonious life and relationships with other people.
I liked your product, I am very pleased with it, 100% straight. I am very pleased that I received your horoscope and now I can control my destiny. Thank you !!!
I loved the work you’ve done, lots of things resonated with me and made me think.
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