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Everything’s very detailed and I’m shocked about how true this all is. It was an interesting read, thank you for your work and this great opportunity to learn what the future holds for me. I’m a return customer now ❤️ I got it very fast, didn’t expect it. Thanks for the accessibility and affordable prices
Thanks so much for your work! This is an amazing horoscope and the way it’s written is kind and not confusing, which is very important to me when it comes to horoscopes. The descriptions of the past with all successes and failures are very accurate! I read it a couple of times and I think I’ll read it again to take it all in.
Hello Elena! I love the horoscope. Didn’t expect that a person can be described with so much detail. At least my childhood description is very accurate and so are my personality traits. It’s even true that my husband and I are very different and the fact that we are married surprises everyone (he’s even shorter than me). So yeah, lots of things are true.
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